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Whoa! Winter Storm Watch this weekend!

They are predicting 6-10 inches of snow!  Yikes!  I have to work Saturday night, too, so yeah, I’ll have to drive in it. It’s a good thing  that we dropped Sarah off in Madison a week ago.  It snowed that day, too, but not like what’s coming! Keep you posted! This is a picture from 2013! That storm dropped about 15 inches!  LOL!

Drifts on the north side of the garage

Drifts on the north side of the garage. 2-27-13.

Fall Fun Day

On October 8th, my kids and I had our Fall Fun Day, where we visit Whispering Orchards for apples and cider, Parnell Tower for views of the countryside, and Spieker’s to buy pumpkins. We had a beautiful fall day and all of these venues were crowded with other people also having a fun fall day! Wisconsin is beautiful in the fall!  I love living near the Kettle Moraine State Forest, which is where Parnell Tower is located.

10-08-16 Apples at Whispering Orchards

10-08-16 Apples at Whispering Orchards

Pumpkins at Whispering Orchards

Pumpkins at Whispering Orchards

10-08-16 Maple Tree at Whispering Orchards

10-08-16 Maple Tree at Whispering Orchards

10-08-16 Pretty Trees at Parnell Tower

View from Parnell Tower 10-8-16

Parnell Tower

10-08-16 Dawn on Parnell Tower

Dawn on Parnell Tower

10-08-16 Maple Tree Near Parnell Tower

Maple Tree Near Parnell Tower

10-08-16 Sumac at Parnell Tower

10-08-16 Sumac at Parnell Tower

10-08-16 Colorful pumpkins and gourds at Spiekers

Colorful pumpkins and gourds at Spieker’s.

Finished a knitting project

I actually finished a dishcloth!  I wanted to get a dishcloth knit, during the Games in Rio, to go along with the Ravellenic Games on Ravelry. I picked a small dishcloth, which probably helped.

Here’s my medal for the Household Heptathlon.
Household Heptathlon (Wow, they spelled heptathlon wrong.)

Here’s the picture of my Summer Breeze Dishcloth.
Summer Breeze dishcloth for Ravellenics Games August 2016

My days are crazy with work, trying to have a life, making a lunch for my supper meal, going out for lunch before work, etc. I’m just amazed that I actually got this done.

Speaking of work lunches, something I had recently was so good. I spread roasted red pepper hummus on a wholewheat tortilla, added turkey, cheese, and some veggies (red pepper strips and cucumbers). I took that 2 days in a row! I work less days in September. I might have time to actually cook and be able to bring leftovers to work!

Who is looking forward to fall? ME-me-me-me! I’m so sick of sweating at work! I’m so looking forward to days of less heat and humidity! Who is looking forward to apples from the apple orchard? ME-me-me-me!
Look at this beauty from 2010!

It’s late fall

The weather is cooling off, but still gets into the 40s during the day. I keep thinking I don’t need my winter jacket, but tonight it’s in the high 20s, so it’s pretty cold out!  I’m all bundled up sitting by my computer in the basement.  We had a little dusting of snow last week.  It’s all gone now.  Some places in southern WI had about 11-17 inches of snow.  We got about an inch in Sheboygan.

The kids are both driving now and snow makes me nervous.  The snow we did get, didn’t cause snowy roads.  It melted on the pavement, so they haven’t driven in snow just yet. I just got a different car, a 2012 Camry and I have yet to see how it drives in snow, too.   We needed an extra car because everyone is driving now.

Sarah is excited about Christmas.  Her room is al dolled up and she has been listening to Christmas music all the time.

Finally, a big snowstorm!

We had to wait until Almost February! It started on Saturday, January 31st and ended late on Sunday, February 1st. All day Sunday it was snowing and blowing. It would not have been a good day to drive anywhere. Often the visibility was about zero! I was at work on Sunday and sometimes you couldn’t see across the street! I think we got about 8-9 inches, which was more than they thought we would get in Sheboygan.

The side yard on 2-5-2015 The backyard on 2-5-2015 The front yard on 2-5-2015

I’m finally getting over whatever virus hit me, about 2 weeks ago.  It might have been the flu, despite my having a flu shot, or just some random respiratory virus.  I’ve been at my current job for a year-and-a-half and I missed work for the first time, since I started.  I had a fever, though.  I had no business being at work.Fortunately, no one else in my family got sick.

It’s still cool outside!

It’s about 6 weeks since the 4th of July and it’s still cool outside.  Today, we got into the 80s and it felt nice, but then a cold front came through and we are supposed to get down into the 50s.  Tonight, we were doing a bit of shopping and I couldn’t find my fleece before we left, so I went without it.  With the rain and the brisk wind, I was so cold!  

Emily is excited to have her new iPod 5.  My iPod 5 is coming on Monday.  Then I have to pick out a case for it.  The stores around here, didn’t have many cases to pick from.  I will probably have to go online.  I will love having iOS 7 on my iPod.  My iPod has a black mark on the screen, where apparently I’ve tapped way too many times!  LOL!

Looking forward to church in the morning.  We voted to call a pastor last week.  I think we are going to find out that she accepted the job.  That will be exciting news!

What’s with the leaves all changing colors already.  Well, not a lot, but even if just a few trees, it seemed pretty widespread.  The trees are losing their green color, too!  Yikes.  Fall is coming and we barely had a summer in eastern WI.

Chilly 4th!


Here’s how we Sheboygan, on the 4th of July!  Lake Michigan was almost entirely frozen over, during the winter, and it’s now taking a long time to warm up!  So, it’s been keeping Sheboygan and other lakeshore communities in eastern WI rather chilly.  Hubby’s iPhone said it was 66 around the time he took this picture, but that would be at the Sheboygan airport a few miles inland.  We think it was in the 50s down by the beach.  Despite how bundled up we are, there were plenty of people in shorts and t-shirts and plenty of people in the lake, too.  Brrrrr.

The fireworks were pretty, once they started, though!  We didn’t have to be quite this bundled up for the morning parade, but i still had a sweater on to start.  I saw plenty of people who didn’t have on sweater and I thought they must be cold.

Today, however is in the 80s and humid, so maybe some warm air has found us, at last. Yay!  This weather will be good for the tomatoes and maybe it will encourage the green coneflowers to grow and turn pink!  The lilies will be blooming, soon, too.  Sadly the lupines are long over with, but we still have a lot of daisies blooming!  The moss roses have finally taken off, too!

Beautiful day yesterday!

We had a very wintery winter this year.  In January, we had weather so cold that we had wind chill warnings.  The coldest temp was -17F with a -40F windchill.  We missed 3 days of school because of the cold weather.  Also, even though we have had 56 inches of snow (46 inches is the average), through the end of February, we’ve haven’t had a major snowstorm.  That 56 inches fell pretty much an inch or two at a time!  The snowplow drivers must have been exhausted because it was about every other day for a while there. The cities are all running out of road salt, too!

It’s a good thing spring is coming and we got a glimpse of it yesterday, with temps that reached into the high 50s!  I loved being outside with only a fleece and not needing a hat or mittens!  Sarah and I took Jasmine to her favorite walking spot at the bridle trails on the south side of Sheboygan.

The snow was really soft, though, and hard to walk on.  It was similar to walking on dry sand on the beach. Jasmine and I both worked hard!

We even turned off the furnace and opened up the windows for 2-1/2 hours yesterday, too.  I loved getting fresh air into the house.

Snow in Sheboygan

We’ve had 47 inches of snow this winter, in Sheboygan. Yesterday, we got 6 inches.  It’s our biggest snowstorm so far!  Then it was nice and warm today, so the roads are already in pretty good shape!  In January, it kept snowing, but the temps were so cold, the salt really had no effect. I haven’t been taking that many pictures of the snow, because we kept only getting an inch or two, and it didn’t seem worth the bother, but now, with 6 inches, it’s starting to look like further shoveling will be a challenge.  In other news, we could get more snow on Thursday!  Or not.  It all depends on the storm track.

So, today, was in the 30s.  It felt great.  After -17 with a -40 windchill, everything will feel warm from here on out!  I keep laughing at the weather men who keep talking us it’s “cold”, but only down to zero, or it’s “cold” getting down into the 20s.  We’ve been down to -17.  We can handle it.

Still, there has been snow packed on my driveway all winter.  We aren’t so good at shoveling and then Gary doesn’t always have time to snowplow right away, so it’s been sad.  I’d like to see my driveway again. Maybe we will, someday.

Jasmine checking out the spirea bushImage

Jasmine, following me down the driveway, instead of sitting by the snowbanks!Image

My neighbor’s evergreen trees.  Not every storm makes them looks so pretty!Image

The sky was trying to be blue!  We get so many cloudy days in WI. Maybe it’s because of the lake!