Monthly Archives: July 2012


It rained today! It rained for maybe 45 minutes the first time and then later it was a shorter time, but downpoured! I’m sure all the plants are happy! Also, we had enough time to do VBS games outside between rainfalls. I’m very thankful for rain.

Ravellenic Games

Can’t wait until the end of the month to start a dishcloth for the Ravellenic games. It’s a pattern that has intrigued me for a long time, so I’m finally going to make it. It’s the double lattice cloth from smariek. I can’t wait!  It’s part of a big knitting/crocheting/spinning event to correspond with the Big Games in London, at the end of July.

Hot Weather

Thankfully, we had a nice rain this morning!  Then it got up to 93 this afternoon, before it started cooling off a little.  Right now it’s about 80 degrees with a dew point of 72.  So thankful for air conditioning.  You can’t imagine!  Sure hope they get the power fixed out east, where it’s hot and no one has air conditioning or even a fan!  Ugh.


Zinnias, getting bigger!  Taken this morning after the rain was finished!