Monthly Archives: August 2012

Reprocessing the peach butter


peach butter simmering on the stove

We made some peach butter the other day with honey and vanilla, but realized after we had sealed the jars, that it was too runny, so we opened up the jars, dumped the contents into a Dutch oven, washed the jars, got new lids and the peach butter is cooking down some more. I haven’t made fruit butters as an adult and barely remember my dad making apple butter once, when I was a kid. We did have some that we didn’t process in jars and Sarah cooked that down some more and after chilling in the fridge seems to be the proper consistency. So, now we wait. Once we put the peach butter in jars again, and the water is boiling, they only have to process for 5 minutes, so that part won’t take long. I should go toast an English muffin and try the stuff that’s in the fridge!

Hot in the Twin Cities


Spent all day in air-conditioned comfort talking about church webpages. We discussed thinking from the point of view of the user, more than the designer and things like that. It was fascinating and the day flew by! Had breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria and both were delicious! Eggs and toast for breakfast and stuffed chicken with risotto and veggies for lunch. For supper we went to Chipotle Grill in downtown Minneapolis, plus we also visited the Stone Arch Bridge. Now, we are in the un-air-conditioned discomfort of a dorm room after a hot summer day! It’s way cheaper than a hotel room, though. We also got to see the TCF Bank Field where the University of Minnesota Gopher’s play football the Humphrey MetroDome, where the Vikings play!

Soon time for bed. Too hot to stay up! Could rain tonight. We saw clouds gathering in the evening and we are under a thunderstorm watch! I think I just heard it thunder.