Monthly Archives: July 2014

Chilly 4th!


Here’s how we Sheboygan, on the 4th of July!  Lake Michigan was almost entirely frozen over, during the winter, and it’s now taking a long time to warm up!  So, it’s been keeping Sheboygan and other lakeshore communities in eastern WI rather chilly.  Hubby’s iPhone said it was 66 around the time he took this picture, but that would be at the Sheboygan airport a few miles inland.  We think it was in the 50s down by the beach.  Despite how bundled up we are, there were plenty of people in shorts and t-shirts and plenty of people in the lake, too.  Brrrrr.

The fireworks were pretty, once they started, though!  We didn’t have to be quite this bundled up for the morning parade, but i still had a sweater on to start.  I saw plenty of people who didn’t have on sweater and I thought they must be cold.

Today, however is in the 80s and humid, so maybe some warm air has found us, at last. Yay!  This weather will be good for the tomatoes and maybe it will encourage the green coneflowers to grow and turn pink!  The lilies will be blooming, soon, too.  Sadly the lupines are long over with, but we still have a lot of daisies blooming!  The moss roses have finally taken off, too!