Monthly Archives: August 2014

It’s still cool outside!

It’s about 6 weeks since the 4th of July and it’s still cool outside.  Today, we got into the 80s and it felt nice, but then a cold front came through and we are supposed to get down into the 50s.  Tonight, we were doing a bit of shopping and I couldn’t find my fleece before we left, so I went without it.  With the rain and the brisk wind, I was so cold!  

Emily is excited to have her new iPod 5.  My iPod 5 is coming on Monday.  Then I have to pick out a case for it.  The stores around here, didn’t have many cases to pick from.  I will probably have to go online.  I will love having iOS 7 on my iPod.  My iPod has a black mark on the screen, where apparently I’ve tapped way too many times!  LOL!

Looking forward to church in the morning.  We voted to call a pastor last week.  I think we are going to find out that she accepted the job.  That will be exciting news!

What’s with the leaves all changing colors already.  Well, not a lot, but even if just a few trees, it seemed pretty widespread.  The trees are losing their green color, too!  Yikes.  Fall is coming and we barely had a summer in eastern WI.