Monthly Archives: November 2014

First significant snowfall

Tuesday, 11-24-14.  We had about 2 inches of snow.

Tuesday, 11-24-14. We had about 2 inches of snow.

We woke up to this on Tuesday morning. The weathermen said our area had about 2-4 inches of snow.  The snow is starting early this year!  A couple of years ago, we didn’t get our first snow until January!  That is pretty late. This was a wet snow and it stuck to the west-facing street signs.  You had to be a bit careful that you didn’t miss the stop signs.

I work so much, I haven’t been able to get a picture of the snow still falling.  I know it will snow again and maybe I won’t be working, or in a rush to get to work, so I’ll be able to photograph the snowflakes.

Looking forward to roasted vegetable fall pizza for lunch today.  Later on the kids are going to make a turkey breast in the crockpot and all the things that make up a Thanksgiving meal.  I’ll get to eat it, when I get home from work.

Getting Colder

It’s winter jacket weather now.  Fortunately, we haven’t had much snow yet.  We’ve only had flurries, so far.  Up north, where my daughter lives, they had a couple of inches already.  An hour north of her and they had a foot of snow.  We were caught offguard and had to quickly send her a pair of boots, since the other ones she had were shot and we never got her any, before she left in August!  Fortunately, UPS got them there the next day and then the storm went farther north than they thought it would, so she’s all good now!