Monthly Archives: March 2015

Brrrr, this is spring?

I had to wear my winter jacket tonight, to work. When I drove home at 1am, my car said 18! Brrrr. It’s so cold. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. I suppose that is why. All the heat of the day, what there was anyway, is going up into space. Tomorrow, we all have off from work. Time to have some fun. Maybe we will do some shopping. The weatherman said tonight, that we might be up to 60 by next Thursday. I can’t wait!

Almost the first day of spring


As you can see, our snow is gone. That one snowstorm was the only “big” snowstorm we had. We had some really warm days at the beginning of March and the snow just vanished.


The Sheboygan River is starting to melt slowly, too. Picture was taken 3-17-15. Tomorrow, the temp is only supposed to be in the 30s.

Emily working on painting her bedroom

Our living room storage area

One painted wall

Emily is busy repainting her bedroom. It’s been quite a project. All of her stuff is in the living room! Plus, she just got a new mattress and box spring delivered today, but she can’t put them on her bed until she gets her room back together, probably sometime on Friday. I can actually get to the loveseat, to sit and knit while watching videos on my iPad.