Monthly Archives: July 2015

Summer in Wisconsin

It has finally gotten warm in eastern Wisconsin.  The temp outside is 88 right now with the commensurate level of humidity as well.  It makes me glad for air conditioning! The flowers are blooming like crazy right now.

Blue Lace Cap Hydrangea

blue lace cap hydrangea

Purple Clematis

We had a landscaping company come and rip out some bushes and a tree that we didn’t want anymore.  With the box elder gone, the clematis is growing like crazy!  I don’t think we ever had this many flowers before.  We also planted a new clematis and it has pink flowers, but it’s not blooming in this picture.

blue lace cap hydrangea

White hydrangea

A few years ago, my sister-in-law’s neighbor was getting rid of their white hydrangea, so they could get different colors.  My SIL was allowed to keep as many cuttings of the old plant as she wanted.  She shared two of them with me!  This is the first summer that it’s gotten this big of a flower on it!  We are so happy!  It’s about 6-7 inches across!

white hydrangea

Beautiful sunset

sunset 7-27-15 looking west hwy 42 near edie's house

While out driving with my younger daughter last night, we were blessed with this beautiful sunset!  It kept getting prettier as time went on, too.  This is looking west on Hwy 42 near the Quarry in Sheboygan.  This was part of the “sky on fire” stage of the sunset.

Emily now has 15 hours and 20 minutes of the 30 hours of driving that she needs before she takes her test in September.  We drove up to Cleveland, WI last night.  We went north on Dairyland Road and came back on Union/Hwy Y.  It was nice to see different scenery for a while.