Monthly Archives: November 2015

It’s late fall

The weather is cooling off, but still gets into the 40s during the day. I keep thinking I don’t need my winter jacket, but tonight it’s in the high 20s, so it’s pretty cold out!  I’m all bundled up sitting by my computer in the basement.  We had a little dusting of snow last week.  It’s all gone now.  Some places in southern WI had about 11-17 inches of snow.  We got about an inch in Sheboygan.

The kids are both driving now and snow makes me nervous.  The snow we did get, didn’t cause snowy roads.  It melted on the pavement, so they haven’t driven in snow just yet. I just got a different car, a 2012 Camry and I have yet to see how it drives in snow, too.   We needed an extra car because everyone is driving now.

Sarah is excited about Christmas.  Her room is al dolled up and she has been listening to Christmas music all the time.