Happy 4th of July!

Cherry pie with stars on it

Happy 4th of July!  I’m so excited that it’s the 4th, but I have to work tomorrow and none of the various fireworks displays around us happen when i’m not working.  So, no fireworks for me. This is the 4th of July pie that Sarah made last year.  This year’s pie is still in the oven.  She made a flag pie this year, from King Arthur’s Flour.  It will be cool!  http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/american-flag-pie-recipe

Only, she used cherries for this year’s pie instead of the strawberry rhubarb, for the “red” part of the flag.  I will post a picture when the pie is done.

I do, however, get to go to the parade in the morning.  I’m excited about that.  So, I get some festivities. Also, there might be treats at work tomorrow, too.

I hope everyone else gets to enjoy their day off.  Maybe next year I will have the whole day off.  I did get to have fun with my daughters today.  It did involve Starbucks, although, Emily was still working when Sarah and I went, but we got her a Peach Green Tea Lemonade before we left.

Tomorrow, Sarah misses the parade, but gets to see the fireworks.  I get to see the parade and miss the fireworks.  Gary’s job is to cover the holiday, so he will see it, but be taking pictures.  Emily is the only one who totally has off.

The purple clematis is going crazy at our house right now!

Purple Clematis

Purple Clematis

My Gaillardia Blaze Fanfare is starting to bloom like crazy, too.

Gaillardia Blaze Fanfare

Gaillardia Blaze Fanfare

Yesterday, Sarah and I went on a hike at the La Budde Creek Natural Area for a 1-mile hike on the Ice Age Trail.  I saw this big dandelion that had gone to seed.

07.02.16 Dandelion seed head

Emily also said today, that the Stargazer Lilies are starting to turn pink.  I can’t wait until they bloom.

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