Spring in my yard!

Daffodil sprouts

Daffodil sprouts

Emily and I cleaned out leaves from the main flower garden today. It was time to uncover the daffodil and tulip sprouts that were already growing under the leaves. At 1pm today, it was 65 degrees. It felt so nice! The flower garden looks better, too. I can’t wait until the flowers bloom!

Cardinal in the tree

Cardinal in the tree

When I went out in the yard, I heard a cardinal. He was in the tree at the end of the yard. Since the trees don’t have leaves yet, he was easy to find and didn’t seem to be disturbed as I crept closer and closer!

We did have a wussy winter. It never got very cold and we hardly got any snow, but I’m still happy that spring is coming, anyway. I was getting very tired of my winter jacket and it was nice to be outside without it, today.

Tonight it’s supposed to rain. That doesn’t bode well for the dog messes I didn’t bother to pick up today! Shoot! Should have just done it!

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I like to play the piano, read, knit, and play with my dog. I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures and flowers blooming, since spring is on the way!
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  1. Nicole says:

    Love that little red bird!

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