Daffodils 2004
Daffodil sprouts discovered on February 28, 2004. I could believe how big they were already and that I hadn't noticed them earlier!
Look how big they got in a week's time! Wowza! Picture taken 3-6-04!
Oops, kind of drooped over after I covered them with a blanket on a cold night. Won't do that again! LOL! Picture taken 3-13-04
Daffodils 3-20-04
The buds are showing more yellow color. I don't think they are that far from blooming now! yay! Also, around the corner from these, I have all kinds of grape hyacinths and tulips starting to grow, too! I can't wait!
Daffodils 3-27-04
3-27-04: The daffodils have gotten taller, but still aren't blooming yet. All over our neighborhood, I see daffodils getting taller, but not blooming yet. Hopefully soon!
Grape hyacinths just starting to bloom!
3-27-04: The grape hyacinths are starting to bloom. I have tons more that are growing. Ignore the dandelions you see growing there. They are just way too healthy looking! LOL!


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