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I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends 

These are people I met on the internet since I started a home page. They also have great pages and it would be nice if you could visit them too! Most of these people are my ICQ chat friends, also, and we chat almost daily sharing our lives and HTML help!

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little teal heartDenise--Met in Parents Place! She used to live in the same town as me until she moved to Texas in January 1997! Her page tells about Texas and her husband and her three boys! Now we usually just chat daily on ICQ!

little teal heartMelissa--I met her through Parents Place, too. Her page used to be about her life Hawaii, but is going to be telling about the trials of moving from Hawaii to Fort Meade, Maryland! Her page also talks about infertility, Nascar racing, dogs, and the wooden furniture her husband likes to make!

little teal heartJudi--Just met recently after she signed my guestbook. Her page is about Texas, military, home-schooling, bible studies, and recipes!

little teal heartLiane--She is another icq friend. She is the mother of four children and lives up in Canada. Her page is about her family, recipes, and Canada.

little teal heartMonica--She is an icq buddy who lives in The Netherlands with her husband and two daughters! Considering a 7 hour time difference, we manage to chat quite a bit. Also, when I need her to look at a homepage in Dutch, she is happy to do that for me! Her page is about family, guinea pigs, and will soon have info about premature infants. She has one page about mothers that is just a riot! Some pages are Dutch and some are English!

I can't forget the friends I actually get to see once in a while! Edie, I've known since 1979, and Peggy, since 1968! Sorry, no webpages for any of them!

Edie, Peggy, Heather, and Ann

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