One of our recent activities at the Holiday Hotel has been to color scarecrow template.  I had so much fun coloring the first one that I colored a second one! The scarecrow who is full of straw is the one I submitted to the Holiday Hotel.  This graphics set grew out of the fact I couldn't find any background sets to match my blue and yellow scarecrow!  The scarecrow on the graphic above was hand-drawn by me.

I like fall, although the fall leaves turning colors so beautiful yet so bittersweet.  You know the cold is coming after the colors are gone, but you can't stop enjoying the colors when they are there.  Sometimes we drive to a nearby state park to climb up the tower to see colors for miles around.  Other times we drive to Door County to visit my parents where the colors 2 years ago were just spectacular!

After the heat of the summer, fall weather feels so nice.  I love fall mornings where the sky is a bright blue and the air is crisp and cool.  Some days in fall can even be quite warm, but I wasn't quite that lucky on my wedding day.  It wasn't so cold I had to wear a jacket or coat over my wedding dress, but it was too cold for outside pictures in front of pretty trees!

Another thing about fall is getting used to cooler temperatures.  They feel so cold on the way down as it drops down colder and colder.  Those same temps after the winter feel so warm.  I guess everything is relative!  LOL!




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