Our New Dog, Jasmine!


Welcome Jasmine!  (Welcome graphic with 2 puppies by a dog house surrounded by flowers)


Jazz smiles for the camera

Jasmine joined our family on April 24th.  We adopted her from the Sheboygan County Humane Society.  We saw her for the first time on April 21st as she was being brought in from outside by one of the volunteers.  She looked like a cattledog mix to us and that is what we wanted.  We asked about her and found out she had been brought in as a stray and was very friendly to the cop who picked her up.  On Thursday, April 22nd, we went in to take another peek at her and fill out the application.  I almost think that she knew we were her family as she calmly watched us look at her.  Since she was a stray, we couldn't take her outside for a walk or anything.  She had to wait her 7 days to see if someone would come and pick her up.

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On Friday, April 23rd, I made my callback to say we still wanted her.  Unfortunately, they closed before I got off work that day, so we were unable to go see her at all.  On Saturday, April 24th, we all went to see her.  We were able to take her outside and let everyone pet her.  She loved us all right away.  We also found out that we had been approved to take her home and they were going to let us take her home that day already.  We didn't even have a leash with us, because we didn't know yet. 

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They sent us home with a bag of food and a box of treats.  We brought their leash back later.  We went out that day and bought a crate, a pad for her to lay on, some rawhides and tennis balls. No, she's not spoiled or anything. 

She had some potty issues that first week.  She pooped in the basement and peed on the living room carpeting.  One day she even went 24 hours without urinating!  Sure, scare a new dog mom to death!  LOL!  That is all resolved now, though.  She always potties outside now and is able to let us know that she has to go.

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She likes sleeping in her crate.  Last night, we tried to just have her sleep in our room, but she seemed way too restless, so I put her in the crate.  We both slept better after that.

We are supposed to get her spayed yet, but she went into a heat cycle right after we got her!  Argh!  What an experience that was! (Messy, messy, messy!)  Fortunately, we didn't have any gentlemen callers while she was going through that.  She is currently scheduled to be spayed on June 1st.

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Jasmine is a quick learner (except for "stay!").  Also, jumping up on people is still being worked on, too.  After she is recovered from her spay surgery, we plan to put her in obedience classes.  Jasmine and I can walk around the yard off-leash and she stays right by me.  She has also learned that we have two different doorbell sounds and which door they come from!  It just blows me away!

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Update on Jasmine!

She was spayed on June 1st and recovered quickly and without incident!  She had internal stitches, so she never licked her belly all that much, thank goodness! I could tell it itched her occasionally, but I remember my belly itching after my c-sections, so I could totally relate!  LOL!

After many trips to Kohler-Andrae State Park this summer, I can assure you that it's her favorite place to go!  We are blessed to have a large area of beach where dogs are allowed! 

Jazz goes into Lake Michigan to retrieve floating ring

Jazz rolls in the sand

She also loves her red ball and her tennis ball! She barely knew how to retrieve toys when we first got her!  It sure didn't take her long to figure out what balls were for!

jazz and the red ball!

tennis ball heaven

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We sure have fun with her now!

Jazz busy chewing a bone!
Jasmine enjoying a bone, shortly after we got her!

Jasmine enjoying her Kong on a pile of quilts!  Yeah, she has a rough life!
Jasmine, enjoying her Kong, while laying on quilts!

A wider view of Jasmine and her Kong

Jasmine chillin' in her crate! Doesn't she look comfy? Oh yeah,
I have since moved that blue leash into a different spot! LOL!

I am trying to learn how to use flash! I made a little slide show of pics of Jasmine!

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