Here are some of the graphics I made when I took the 
PSP (Paint Shop Pro) courses at Web Tech University.

pink and teal line  

Shapes -  arrangement 1

Shapes - arrangement 2

Shapes-arrangement 3

Layers 1 - Shapes just placed and overlapping one another.  Each shape is on a different layer Layers 2 - The shapes were moved around and arranged differently. Layers3 - Arranged yet a different way.  With layers, it is easy to move things around and delete them if need be without interfering with the other objects!


non-transparent objects transparent objects
This graphic shows the objects 
before the image was made transparent.
This image shows the objects after the graphic was made transparent.


Original sunflower Sunflowers rotated to the left

This is the picture rotated towards the left.

This is the picture upside down.

This is the picture rotated 270 degrees!


When you compress Jpeg pictures, the filesize goes down, but the image quality also goes down. 
Less compression increases the filesize, but also preserves image quality.


It was fun playing with curved text. PSP 6 started in with vectors, 
which is what you need to make curved text!

Hyacinth text filled in with pictures of hyacinths.

These two graphics were made using the fill tool with a pattern!

sunflower text filled in with a sunflower pattern



Gradients are cool and you can get many different effects from them.


Lemon Queen sunflowers


The big image is the original picture of sunflowers outside my house from the summer of 1999. From left to right, below:

L. 1st cropped image

M. Mirror image

R. Image with added text.

Cropped image Mirror image Text added to image.


cutout effect to text
cutout effect with bevel
chisel effect to text
chisel effect with bevel.

faded edged picture

Selection made with feathering, then inverted.  Then click delete button and your 
background color shows.  It works neat for making border background tiles.

We also had to make a simple background set.  You can see mine here!

I also made the background set for this page.  In the border tile, you can see that some 
layers can be made less opaque, so that you can see through them.  That is something else 
I learned while taking these two courses.

Holiday Hotel PSP Grad Award

pink and teal line

PSP 101 Diploma

 PSP 201 Diploma

pink and teal line

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