Jaycees Quarryview Park in Sheboygan

Here is a close-up of the swimming area.  Where you see the guard chair is where the end of the shallow water is.  The water kind of changes color where it starts to get deep.  They have a rope there to tell you the end of the swimming area.  There is another area in the deep water where they usually have two rafts for jumping and diving.  If you go beyond that area, it's a $500 fine!
This shows an overall view of the whole quarry.  It is really quite a ways to the other side.  You can see something floating in the water.  That is the ultimate end of the swimming area.  It is fine to sit on those logs and try to stay on!  It can be hard!  If you just fall off your log onto the other side, you don't get fined.  If you would start swimming over there, you would be, though.  Beyond the logs, though, you can do paddle boats, though.
Here is the water slide.  My kids love doing that!  On crowded days, the steps can be full of people!  The blue slide isn't a water slide and is there for the little kids.  I sat there plenty when my kids were too little for the big slide!

So, there is plenty of sand and water for everyone to play in.  The water is much warmer than Lake Michigan.  When I go with my kids, we like to take our little floaty ball and play keepaway!  It's usually Edie and me against the kids.

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