Spring is springing!

The grass is greening up and the chives are growing in the garden. The trees have buds, but are a long ways from leaves, though. It always takes so long here next to the lake. The tulips on the south side of the house have buds, but they haven’t started changing color yet. I get so impatient! The temperatures are trying to warm up, but it seems the warmest days have coincided with days that I have to work, so I don’t get to enjoy it outside or by having windows open at home! I’m sure one of these days it will work out!

Too much winter!

After 15 inches of snow on January 28th, then we had the polar vortex and we hibernated in our homes and at work followed by 2 days of freezing rain and snow. Now everything is icy and wet. What gets thrown at us now – cold air and enough wind to warrant a wind chill advisory. So, the ice is going to be with us for a while!

On February 3rd, we went to Chicago to see Hamilton for the 2nd time and we had such a great audience, and Tamar Greene was such a GREAT George Washington, that the 2nd was a wonderful experience. This audience clapped and cheered more, as the play unfolded.