Whoa! Winter Storm Watch this weekend!

They are predicting 6-10 inches of snow!  Yikes!  I have to work Saturday night, too, so yeah, I’ll have to drive in it. It’s a good thing  that we dropped Sarah off in Madison a week ago.  It snowed that day, too, but not like what’s coming! Keep you posted! This is a picture from 2013! That storm dropped about 15 inches!  LOL!

Drifts on the north side of the garage

Drifts on the north side of the garage. 2-27-13.

Fall Fun Day

On October 8th, my kids and I had our Fall Fun Day, where we visit Whispering Orchards for apples and cider, Parnell Tower for views of the countryside, and Spieker’s to buy pumpkins. We had a beautiful fall day and all of these venues were crowded with other people also having a fun fall day! Wisconsin is beautiful in the fall!  I love living near the Kettle Moraine State Forest, which is where Parnell Tower is located.

10-08-16 Apples at Whispering Orchards

10-08-16 Apples at Whispering Orchards

Pumpkins at Whispering Orchards

Pumpkins at Whispering Orchards

10-08-16 Maple Tree at Whispering Orchards

10-08-16 Maple Tree at Whispering Orchards

10-08-16 Pretty Trees at Parnell Tower

View from Parnell Tower 10-8-16

Parnell Tower

10-08-16 Dawn on Parnell Tower

Dawn on Parnell Tower

10-08-16 Maple Tree Near Parnell Tower

Maple Tree Near Parnell Tower

10-08-16 Sumac at Parnell Tower

10-08-16 Sumac at Parnell Tower

10-08-16 Colorful pumpkins and gourds at Spiekers

Colorful pumpkins and gourds at Spieker’s.

Finished a knitting project

I actually finished a dishcloth!  I wanted to get a dishcloth knit, during the Games in Rio, to go along with the Ravellenic Games on Ravelry. I picked a small dishcloth, which probably helped.

Here’s my medal for the Household Heptathlon.
Household Heptathlon (Wow, they spelled heptathlon wrong.)

Here’s the picture of my Summer Breeze Dishcloth.
Summer Breeze dishcloth for Ravellenics Games August 2016

My days are crazy with work, trying to have a life, making a lunch for my supper meal, going out for lunch before work, etc. I’m just amazed that I actually got this done.

Speaking of work lunches, something I had recently was so good. I spread roasted red pepper hummus on a wholewheat tortilla, added turkey, cheese, and some veggies (red pepper strips and cucumbers). I took that 2 days in a row! I work less days in September. I might have time to actually cook and be able to bring leftovers to work!

Who is looking forward to fall? ME-me-me-me! I’m so sick of sweating at work! I’m so looking forward to days of less heat and humidity! Who is looking forward to apples from the apple orchard? ME-me-me-me!
Look at this beauty from 2010!

Happy 4th of July!

Cherry pie with stars on it

Happy 4th of July!  I’m so excited that it’s the 4th, but I have to work tomorrow and none of the various fireworks displays around us happen when i’m not working.  So, no fireworks for me. This is the 4th of July pie that Sarah made last year.  This year’s pie is still in the oven.  She made a flag pie this year, from King Arthur’s Flour.  It will be cool!  http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/american-flag-pie-recipe

Only, she used cherries for this year’s pie instead of the strawberry rhubarb, for the “red” part of the flag.  I will post a picture when the pie is done.

I do, however, get to go to the parade in the morning.  I’m excited about that.  So, I get some festivities. Also, there might be treats at work tomorrow, too.

I hope everyone else gets to enjoy their day off.  Maybe next year I will have the whole day off.  I did get to have fun with my daughters today.  It did involve Starbucks, although, Emily was still working when Sarah and I went, but we got her a Peach Green Tea Lemonade before we left.

Tomorrow, Sarah misses the parade, but gets to see the fireworks.  I get to see the parade and miss the fireworks.  Gary’s job is to cover the holiday, so he will see it, but be taking pictures.  Emily is the only one who totally has off.

The purple clematis is going crazy at our house right now!

Purple Clematis

Purple Clematis

My Gaillardia Blaze Fanfare is starting to bloom like crazy, too.

Gaillardia Blaze Fanfare

Gaillardia Blaze Fanfare

Yesterday, Sarah and I went on a hike at the La Budde Creek Natural Area for a 1-mile hike on the Ice Age Trail.  I saw this big dandelion that had gone to seed.

07.02.16 Dandelion seed head

Emily also said today, that the Stargazer Lilies are starting to turn pink.  I can’t wait until they bloom.

It’s late fall

The weather is cooling off, but still gets into the 40s during the day. I keep thinking I don’t need my winter jacket, but tonight it’s in the high 20s, so it’s pretty cold out!  I’m all bundled up sitting by my computer in the basement.  We had a little dusting of snow last week.  It’s all gone now.  Some places in southern WI had about 11-17 inches of snow.  We got about an inch in Sheboygan.

The kids are both driving now and snow makes me nervous.  The snow we did get, didn’t cause snowy roads.  It melted on the pavement, so they haven’t driven in snow just yet. I just got a different car, a 2012 Camry and I have yet to see how it drives in snow, too.   We needed an extra car because everyone is driving now.

Sarah is excited about Christmas.  Her room is al dolled up and she has been listening to Christmas music all the time.

Summer in Wisconsin

It has finally gotten warm in eastern Wisconsin.  The temp outside is 88 right now with the commensurate level of humidity as well.  It makes me glad for air conditioning! The flowers are blooming like crazy right now.

Blue Lace Cap Hydrangea

blue lace cap hydrangea

Purple Clematis

We had a landscaping company come and rip out some bushes and a tree that we didn’t want anymore.  With the box elder gone, the clematis is growing like crazy!  I don’t think we ever had this many flowers before.  We also planted a new clematis and it has pink flowers, but it’s not blooming in this picture.

blue lace cap hydrangea

White hydrangea

A few years ago, my sister-in-law’s neighbor was getting rid of their white hydrangea, so they could get different colors.  My SIL was allowed to keep as many cuttings of the old plant as she wanted.  She shared two of them with me!  This is the first summer that it’s gotten this big of a flower on it!  We are so happy!  It’s about 6-7 inches across!

white hydrangea

Beautiful sunset

sunset 7-27-15 looking west hwy 42 near edie's house

While out driving with my younger daughter last night, we were blessed with this beautiful sunset!  It kept getting prettier as time went on, too.  This is looking west on Hwy 42 near the Quarry in Sheboygan.  This was part of the “sky on fire” stage of the sunset.

Emily now has 15 hours and 20 minutes of the 30 hours of driving that she needs before she takes her test in September.  We drove up to Cleveland, WI last night.  We went north on Dairyland Road and came back on Union/Hwy Y.  It was nice to see different scenery for a while.


Brrrr, this is spring?

I had to wear my winter jacket tonight, to work. When I drove home at 1am, my car said 18! Brrrr. It’s so cold. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. I suppose that is why. All the heat of the day, what there was anyway, is going up into space. Tomorrow, we all have off from work. Time to have some fun. Maybe we will do some shopping. The weatherman said tonight, that we might be up to 60 by next Thursday. I can’t wait!

Almost the first day of spring


As you can see, our snow is gone. That one snowstorm was the only “big” snowstorm we had. We had some really warm days at the beginning of March and the snow just vanished.


The Sheboygan River is starting to melt slowly, too. Picture was taken 3-17-15. Tomorrow, the temp is only supposed to be in the 30s.

Emily working on painting her bedroom

Our living room storage area

One painted wall

Emily is busy repainting her bedroom. It’s been quite a project. All of her stuff is in the living room! Plus, she just got a new mattress and box spring delivered today, but she can’t put them on her bed until she gets her room back together, probably sometime on Friday. I can actually get to the loveseat, to sit and knit while watching videos on my iPad.