Fall Continues

The schools made it 27 days before they started closing down due to Covid. First two elementary schools for 2 weeks and then a few days later it was the whole school district. November 6 was the new start-up date, which came and went because they decided to keep the schools closed for two more weeks. The next tentative startup date is November 16. Covid is still crazy in Sheboygan, though.

Also, we are waiting to find out who will be the President of the USA. Many of us voted absentee, so we wouldn’t have to go in person, but it’s bogging down the ballot count. We just patiently wait. It’s all we can do.

My zinnias are done. They were so pretty while they lasted. I’m so glad Emily planted the seeds in June.

The picture on the left is a red zinnia with a few pink ones around it. The picture on the right is a dead yellow zinnia with a dusting of snow on it! We had just a little dusting of snow a while back. It’s long gone now. The last two days have been in the 70s.