Happy Halloween!

Sarah and Emily on Halloween night 2002  Dawn Klein .© 2002.

Sarah, Emily and Jenny trick or treat 2001
small pumpkin
Sarah and Emily, and their friend, Jenny continue on their way to more candy.  You can see it was warm last October since they aren't wearing jackets! I don't know if we will be that lucky this year or not!  I would doubt it, since this is Wisconsin after all!  It looks like these people like to decorate for Halloween

small pumpkin 10-27-02 - Every year, we look forward to getting our pumpkins and carving them!  We are going to be doing that today!  We already have our pumpkins.  Also, Emily is going to be a dog and Sarah is going to be a hippy for this year's Halloween!  Wow, looks like we need a new Halloween picture!  Will have to get one this year!

Pumpkins 2002

Clockwise from Flag pumpkin:  Emily - Flag,  Sarah - Big Face,  Dawn  Small face
Picture taken 10-31-02

Woman holding pumpkin with leaves around her

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