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It's Memorial Day and time to remember those who gave up their lives for our freedom.  Memorial Day was started after the civil war and was meant to honor those who had died in the armed forces. It was first known as Decoration Day and was initiated by Union Army Maj. Gen. John A. Logan. He designated May 30, 1868 for the purpose of decorating the graves of those who had died in defense of their country and for special services in honor of the dead. Those that died, helped preserve all of the freedoms we enjoy today.

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A time for picnics, time off work -
Vacations and the "Indy" -
A holiday, too often times
We forget what, it should be.

A time to pay respect to those
Who rallied to the battle cry -
Who gave their lives for liberty -
Those freedoms for you and I.

Such a waste of brave young souls -
Some still struggling through their youth
Who faced and fell willingly
Before wartimes' awful truth.

So as we share this holiday
With our friends or family -
Take a moment to give thanks to
Those who died so we'd stay free.

Let us strive for world peace -
For the end of greed and hate -
For next time, after "the war"
It just may be too damned late.

                         --Del "Abe" Jones

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Memorial Day
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