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Dad mowing lawnFather's Day has come and gone this year. In our family, we spend Father's Day driving my daughter Sarah up to confirmation camp, so we didn't get to have a cookout or anything!  That is usually what we would do.  Gary might have cut the grass, since it always seems the grass needs cutting!  But more likely, he would have been on the couch downstairs watching tv or listening to music. 

I did talk to my dad on the phone, as did Gary.  I can't really remember Father's Day from when I was a kid, but I do remember that my younger sister, Cheryl used to complain that sometimes she has to share her birthday with Father's Day.  I think sometimes we would go visit my grandparents and have a meal and some time at their house.

I remember that sometimes my dad would buy us presents and then he would end up using them too, like a transistor radio!  LOL!  Well, I guess he needed someway to listen to a ballgame while he painted the outside of the house.

Since my mom and dad only had daughters, we had to be the boys sometimes and help dad with his little projects around the house.  I remember sometimes we weren't always that thrilled to do it, but it probably helped us learn stuff about tools.

lawn sprinkler

Once during a break from school, he took my sister and I to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago to give my mom a break since she was going to college at the time and needed to study.  We had a blast.  He also is the one who would take us to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL because my mom didn't really like to ride rides.

My dad is the one who taught us girls the little song about beans being a magical fruit, much to my mother's consternation. 

Today, he is the one who runs to the phone to answer it!  He must like talking to us kids.  I know my dad isn't home on the rare times my mother answers the phone.   He and mom are sure enjoying their retirement because sometimes it is hard to get a hold of them because they aren't home! 

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