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Pictures of Honey 1999

Emily standing next to Honey

A few days ago, after Emily and I finished taking Honey for a walk, I went to my house and got the camera! She belongs to my 90 year old neighbor, Edith, who can't take her for walks so she exercises me and I exercise her! She is a 5 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix who Edith got from the Humane Society.

Honey sitting by herself in the backyard

When we go to Honey's house to take her for walks, she just goes nuts now because she knows what we are going to do! She just can't wait to get going! She is calm in this picture because we were done with the walk!

Honey eagerly awaiting a treat from Emily!

Honey eagerly awaits a treat from Emily  as you can see! Australian Cattle Dogs are  supposed to have alert and intelligent eyes and in this picture you can really see that! She is naughty sometimes and runs out the door on Edith and Edith can't run after her. She called today and said Honey had gotten out and would we keep an eye out for her. When I got outside, she was in my backyard and then walked straight home! She knew she was busted!

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