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Here are more pictures of Honey!

In November 1999, Honey's owner fractured her hip and had to go into a nursing home.  We have been taking care of Honey every since!  It has been a bit of a change getting used to a dog, but she is a good dog and usually learns things pretty fast, like that she is not allowed to help herself to food on the table no matter how tempting it is!  She also is quite good at getting the humans to serve her cheese or sausage if she knows we have it in the house!

I took these pictures at the end of June 2000.  It was an overcast evening, so I figured we wouldn't have contrasty shadows to deal with.  It is really hard to pose a dog, though!

bone line

Honey poses in front of Dawn  Honey poses on lawn near side of house.

Emily is giving Honey a treat.  Sarah, left, and Emily, right, pose with Honey. 

  Sarah offering Honey a treat while Emily looks on.

Honey LOVES riding in the car! 
Honey LOVES riding in the car.  Emily is in the background.  

Honey has a rough life, huh?
What a rough life, huh?  2003

© 2003

Gary recently took a series of pictures of Honey with the digital camera and it looked almost like a movie.

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