We Love Sunflowers!

sunflowers by a blue birdhouse in front of a blue cloud

My daughters and I all love sunflowers. We enjoy looking at items at the store with sunflowers on them and we love to grow sunflowers in the summer. We can't wait until it is warm enough out to plant new seeds!  It is fun to watch the birds eat the sunflower seeds at the end of the summer!

I have been having a blast watching the birds at my feeder lately. We have seen mourning doves, black-capped chickadees, house finches, juncos, common redpolls, a red-winged blackbird, and lots of sparrows. On a rare occasion, we get a cardinal, but I haven't seen one in a while.

The chickadees usually grab a seed and fly away to the safety of the bushes or the big spruce tree to eat it, but twice this last week, I have seen a chickadee spend a long at the feeder, grooming and looking for just the right seed. It has been fun!

Another thing I have found out, is that goldfinches are picky.  They will not come to my yard, unless I have thistle seed our for them!  So, I guess they taught me!  I almost always have thistle seed out for them, since they are so pretty!

line of smiling suns

Sunflowers 2005

mammoth sunflower sprouts 7-7-05
Mammoth sunflowers 7-7-05 Planted in June.  They are starting to get big now!  It's really cool!

Short sunflower sprouts 7-7-05
These are short sunflowers.  They will only get about 2-3 feet tall!  I love watching sunflowers grow!

Sunflowers 8-29-05

yellow sunflower pink lemonade sunflower lemon yellow sunflower

line of smiling suns

Sunflower for Roses and Sunflowers webring
Roses and Sunflowers
are nourished by

Can you make them bloom?

Image courtesy of
Virpi Saarinen.

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line of smiling suns

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line of smiling suns

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