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I love living in Wisconsin because I love the changing seasons! The pretty snow scenes in the winter, the first buds of spring, flowers in the summer, and the colorful leaves of fall. My husband and I have lived in Wisconsin our whole lives. It's difficult to comprehend what it would be like to live anywhere else!


My husband was born in Sheboygan and lived in Waubeka, which is the birthplace of Flag Day. We enjoy the celebration of Flag Day every year, but one year, it was enhanced by the use of fireworks! I kept thinking that July 4th had already happened! It was a bit confusing!

I was born in Milwaukee and then moved to Port Washington. In Port Washington, they have a big day on the 3rd Saturday in July, called Fish Day. What else would you celebrate in a city on the coast of a big lake? Gary and I went to the same middle school for several years, but really didn't know each other, although, one year we were both in the same band! Little did we know what would happen 13 years later! In the middle of 8th grade, my family moved to Waukesha.


Our paths crossed again in Marshfield after two of our Port Washington friends did some matchmaking in the local Dairy Queen! We married, and honeymooned in Door County, Wisconsin in October and had the place to ourselves. Door County has many lighthouses and the aforementioned link gives really good information about them. I think lighthouses are neat! Then we had both of our kids. However, since both of us had grown up near Lake Michigan, we felt landlocked in central Wisconsin. Five years ago, our dream came true and we were able to move to Sheboygan. This brought us closer to the lake and closer to family! Now we can drive past the lake anytime we want.


8-10-07: Too much humidity!  Ugh.  It's hasn't really been THAT hot, but always so sticky outside.  We could sure use more rain, too.  The rain keeps happening, but always to our south!  Illinois keeps getting all the rain.  I'm so ready for fall!

Pics from a 2002 trip to Door County!


In Wisconsin, we are eagerly awaiting the next season of our Green Bay Packers. Good grief, what the heck happened this past year?

Here's a link to a Wisconsin map!

Wisconsin sampler

Here are some Wisconsin-based businesses!
cow The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online version of the Milwaukee-based newspaper
cow Lands'End Makers of fine clothes, luggage, and household items
cow Sargento Cheese Here you will find recipes and other info about cheese.
cow Mootown This is the kids' portion of the Sargento website. They have several fun interactive activities for kids!
cow Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation Makers of fine men's shoes
cow Harley-Davidson Homepage Headquarters of the motorcycle manufacturer are in Milwaukee, WI.

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