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Dawn's piece of the quilt Holiday Hotel Circle of Friends' quilt square - blue with a red star. Friendship and happiness as a group we do share. Step into our world if you dare. From Miriam - purple square with white unicorn and the word believe on it. From Miriam - cloud background with rainbow, teddy bear, cross, and unicorn on it.
White square with symbols of the holdays on it from Miriam Just Jackie - That's what friends are for. Just Jackies - If friends were flowers, I'd pick you. Just Jackies - Friends Forever

Renee's piece of the quilt. Renee wearing her nightshirt and holding a can of pepsi.

From my Secret Bunny Pal 2001  Thanks, bunny buddie! HHCOF official quilt square Mimeedonna's Quilt Square
Heather Miller's quilt square Pam-sunflower and butterfly Michelle's Quilt Square Curious Castle's quilt square

If you want to exchange quilt squares, send me an email!  They need to be 130 by 130 pixels, though!

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