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November 14, 2014

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Welcome Friends!

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God Bless the USA

yellow butterfly We are Dawn and Gary Klein and we live in Sheboygan, WI, which is right on the coast of Lake Michigan. The big lake keeps us cool in the summer and keeps us a little warmer in the winter. It also has been known to cause large amounts of snow to fall! The only time it's actually warm enough to swim in, is September. In the summer, it's fun to watch all the sailboats in the Wednesday night sailboat races. It's fun to see all the different sailboats against the water.

Taken at sunset, in Port Washington, WI, on 6-8-07, by Sarah Klein

We have been married for 23 years and Gary proposed to me on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan and a white lighthouse in a town 30 miles south of Sheboygan (see above photo). The two of us enjoy watching movies at the theater and eating in fine (read-expensive!) restaurants, but usually it's home-delivered pizza and a couple of videos. Our favorite restaurant is Trattoria Stefano's in Sheboygan where the food is always good and they always pamper you! They serve the yummiest Italian food and we like to go there to celebrate special occasions like wedding anniversaries and stuff like that! This marriage has brought us 2 daughters, Sarah and Emily who are the light of our lives. We enjoy spending time with them, too.

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butterfly Gary, is 52, and loves photography, cars, and small engines. Never try to stump him on the make, model, or year of a given car. It won't work. We never have to worry if our lawnmower or snowblower will start. He makes sure everything is in good working order. He also likes working and playing on the computer, especially surfing through news sites and reading the TDI Club forums. He also enjoys fixing computers, too.

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butterfly My name is Dawn. I'm 50, and a nurse who likes spending time with my kids, cooking, gardening, and watching the birds that come to my birdfeeder. I see juncos, purple finches, mourning doves, sparrows, and a cardinal who is becoming a more regular visitor! Occasionally, I get to see a black-capped chickadee. I also like to play piano and in my high school years played French horn. Unfortunately, I don't own a French horn now, so don't get to play that anymore! Singing in the church choir, which is called "Emmaus Singers," is something else I enjoy at St. Peter Lutheran Church.  I'm currently employed as a nurse at a local walk-in clinic.  I enjoy my job and the people I work with.

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butterfly Sarah is 21 and and is finishing up her senior year of college! This was her first semester of actual nursing school. She got really good grades, too. Good for her! She loves to knit and has made quite a few things! We are looking forward to her being home for the summer.

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butterfly Emily is 18 years old and is in her freshman year of college.  Emily can be found with either a sketch book and a pencil drawing horses or reading a book. She also likes playing Sim horse games. She likes to ride her bike or walk the dog, with her sister. Another passion of hers, is knitting.  She taught herself by watching videos on!  Her newfound interest in knitting, has also made me knit a LOT more, too! Homework not as crazy as last year. She has more time to knit, read, or play the wii.


Family Xmas 2002

family on beach 7/2001

Sarah and Emily in Door County

kids on beach 7/2001