Sheboygan's Lakefront

Sorry, you need java to view this picture of the lakefront. There is a lighthouse with people standing around it and a white sailboat in the water.

Photograph © 1997 by Gary Klein

This past summer, we made several trips to Kohler-Andrae Park. This one time, we went with some friends of ours so the kids could swim. We brought the dog, Honey,  along and I wanted to see how far she would come into the water.  I found out she only likes to wade in the water, not swim!  I tried to lead her out into the water, but she wouldn't come, once her feet started leaving the bottom.  If we walk along the beach, she loves going into the water, but only as far as getting her tummy wet.  She doesn't want to go any farther!

About a year ago, I learned why the lighthouse is red. All over the world, if you are returning to shore, all the channel markers have to on your right and red! (Red, right, returning) If you are leaving the harbor, then the markers on your right are green. This is especially important if you are out on the lake and it is foggy! You might not be able to see the shore and not know which way to orient yourself. Of course, it also helps to have fancy navigation equipment that uses satellites, too. He said he can plug in the coordinates of certain landmarks and the satellite will help him find these landmarks even it if is foggy out. It's pretty neat.

The lighthouse was recently repainted from top to bottom. It looks so shiny and new-looking. Back when this picture was taken, it looked like it had only been painted as far up as people could comfortable reach!  Later on, I did notice that someone had painted the rest of it!

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