Dawn and Gary

October 24, 1987

Dawn and Gary's Wedding Picture
1987 by Hal Olson

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by Johann Sebastian Bach was the music we listened to as I walked down the aisle years ago! As I listened to the music before putting it on my page, it brought back all the wonderful memories of that special day, especially how wonderfully our church organist, Maldon Plank, played this song! It still can send a chill up my spine, just thinking about it.

We met in November of 1986 after a friend of mine and a friend of Gary's co-conspired at the Dairy Queen in Port Washington. Peggy ran into Steve and she started asking him if Gary was going out with anyone or not. Then she called Gary to ask him if he wanted to meet me or not. He said he would think about and to call back the next night. The next night, he agreed to meet me, so she called me and asked if I wanted to meet him. I said yes, so Gary called me up and asked me out. We went out to eat at a German restaurant and then we went back to my apartment where he proceeded to show me some of the photographic equipment in his camera bag! He is a photographer!) The second date went much better because we were going out because we wanted to, and not because everyone had arranged it. By Christmas, I was falling fast and hard and knew I didn't want him to go away! He proposed in March, two days after my birthday--March 14th. We decided to get married in October, so the next few months were a blur of wedding plans, a wedding shower, dress fittings, picking out flower, and talking about the cake, besides talking with the minister and planning the service.

So, we got married on October 24, 1987 with three adult bridesmaids and a junior bridesmaid all dressed in light blue dresses. I was a Big Sister at the time and I couldn't leave her out. We also had three adult groomsmen and on junior groomsman, who was Gary's nephew and about the same age as the junior bridesmaid. (At the rehearsal on Friday night, they were both freaking out about having to touch each other as they walked down the aisle together at the beginning and end of the wedding! Tiffany was 11 and Ryan was almost 11!) The guys wore silver tuxes with light blue cummerbunds.

The wedding was followed by a gift opening on Sunday at a good friend's house and then we left to go to Door County for a week for our honeymoon! We had a blast and for most of the week, felt like we had the place to ourselves! We even saw some deer in Peninsula State Park! I was just realizing recently that the last Door County fish boil I was at, was on our honeymoon. It's a good thing my parents are going to move up to Door County when my dad retires, so I can get to another one!

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