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This past August, my oldest daughter reached the age of 17, which means I have been a mother for more than a decade! It has been fun being the mother of 2 daughters. From the time I found out I was pregnant with both of them until now, it has been a thrill to watch them grow up.

Sarah came into this world in August 1989 a month early! I guess she just couldn't wait to meet this world. She was also quite fine and came home with me from the hospital several days later! I remember sitting in her room, illuminated only by a nightlight and rocking her before she went to bed. To my consternation, she was not a rock-me-to-sleep baby! She would be restless in my arms and fall right to sleep when put into her crib! She also taught me that one-year-old children can be loads of fun even while you have to watch them every second. She just amazed me with how much she learned everyday in figuring out the world. Now, at the age of 17 , she is a teenager and I wonder how the time went by so fast! She is having so much fun with her friends and band in high school.  This year, she got to buy a letter jacket, since she earned varsity letters in band and for academics!

In March 1992, Emily came along! Now we had to find a place in our lives for 2 children! Poor Emily was called Sare--Emily so many times, I wonder that she didn't think that was her name! As Emily got bigger, I found that the two of them made awesome playmates for each other. When I was pregnant with Emily, we all kept wondering how Sarah would take to having another child in the house. For 2-1/2 years, she had ruled the roost, after all, but she was a great big sister to Emily. I remember only one time that she was frustrated that I had to feed the baby and not do something with her! She was so proud to tell people about Em-wee! Now, they play together with their Beanie Babies and dream up the most amazing scenarios, like putting the beanies on the couch as the audience and acting out a play with some of the other beanies!

Emily is now 14 and it is amazing how well she can draw! She can draw a horse better than I will ever be able to! When we go to the library, she usually picks out a drawing book or two! She also loves horses and loves to read about horses!  Playing her flute is something else she loves to do.  She is looking forward to going to horse camp soon.

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